I'm crazy and unpredictable. Sometimes happy and sad at the same time. Can laugh even if inside I'm crying. Can be silly, but also serious.
I hate fakers, and people who judge you even if they don't know you.
90% of myself belongs to my dark side ...
My english is really really bad. Also I can speak italian and german (:
enough? :D

If you have any question - than ask! I don't think i will kill you for that ^^

Alter: 26
aus: 34141 TS

Ich mag diese...
Lieder: Wherever You Will Go
Damn I Think I Love You
The Art of Suicide
Call Me
Shoujo S
Famous Last Words
Supermassive Black Hole
Goodbye My Lover
21 Guns (musical version)
Kleid aus Rosen
Keine Angst
I Can Be A Bitch
Never Say Never
Whiskey Lullaby
Beautiful Soul
Somebody Help Me
Undisclosed Desires
Hard To Say I\'m Sorry
Filme: Disney
Autoren: Lynsay Sands
Anne Rice
Stephen King
Hobbies: Music
Orte: London

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